I can’t sleep, but there are dreams,… Myles Horton quote.

I shared this at our recent seminar on Community Conversations as we struggled with how to move forward to promote this kind of dialoque.

Quote from Myles Horton:

I can’t sleep, but there are dreams. What you must do is go back, get a simple place, move in and you are there. The situation is there. You start with this and you let it grow. You know your goal. It will build its own structure and take its own form. You can go to school all your life, you’ll never figure it out because you are trying to get an answer that can only come from the people in the life situation.

From We Make the Road by Walking, Conversations on Education and Social Change: Myles Horton and Paulo Freire, ed. By Brenda Bell, John Gaventa and John Peters, PA: Temple Univ. Press, 1990.

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